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Rear-Cover Write Up :

Please take your seat on this Jury of the Ages; this is one Jury-duty that no one can evade.    Everyone living on planet Earth finds themselves upon this jury.  Messiah investigates and presents the evidence.  Is Jesus Christ the promised Hebrew Messiah, the Son of God, and Savior of the World? 

God has encrypted the most astounding evidence within the Bible writings of His ancient Hebrew prophets.  Messiah examines this startling evidence and decodes it; making the hidden so clearly understandable.  This evidence is then cross-checked with historical facts to help you render your verdict.  You will find the evidence both shocking and amazing. 

Easy-reading, fascinating narratives coupled with the author’s own miraculous personal encounters, Messiah keeps you wanting to investigate this Divine Mystery and solve God’s ancient mysterious riddle of Messiah.

Astonishing revelations; fascinating insight—a message from the ages.

There is one inescapable verdict.  Don’t render your decision without knowing the evidence; your own eternal destiny depends upon it—Messiah.


Messiah:  Rear Cover Screenshot