The Miracle Landing

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***  Overview  ***

     Just before Jesus ascended into Heaven at the end of His earthly life and ministry, He told all of those that had gathered around Him that all power in Heaven and earth had been granted unto Him, and that He would be with His earthly followers even unto the end of this age (Matthew 28:20).

     Is His statement true?  Is Jesus the Son of God, who takes away our sins?  Is He here with us even today by the power of His Holy Spirit and He can communicate with us even in this day and hour?  Would you like to meet Him and know God?  Would you like to settle these questions in your own life and experience Him?

     In this book, The Miracle Landing, you will receive the answers to all of these questions, and more.  The Miracle Landing shares how I miraculously met Jesus in an amazing two day encounter in the summer of 1979.   It describes in vivid detail what I saw and heard that transformed my life and made me His lifelong follower.

     It also describes other exciting, fast-paced events that I have seen Jesus do over the next 30+ years in my lifetime as a professional pilot and airline captain.

     You will be amazed at the stunning and uncanny accuracy of the Bible Scriptures as they come alive and are fulfilled in true-life events.

     The Miracle Landing will clearly show how you too can meet Jesus and discover Him to be the living, all-powerful Savior that the Bible declares Him to be, transform your life, and set you on your path to Heaven.


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